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How to Install Forward Controls onto a Harley Sportster

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are traditionally ridden with your hands facing up and your feet stretching out in front. Harley’s Sportster model is the exception. Being a dirt track bike, the foot pedals, rear brake, and shift lever are located under the knees, which is considered less comfortable than the traditional riding method. Fortunately, there are forward control kits to let you achieve the laid-back position on your Harley Sportster. Here is a straightforward guide to help you install forward controls correctly.

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Part 1: Remove Knee Control System

Remove the lever-retaining screw holding the shift lever in place, which is located on the left side of the bike. Once the screw is removed, pull the shift lever from the shifter shaft and unscrew the shifter peg. Set all pieces aside for now.

Next, remove the socket screws holding the footrest bracket to the frame. Take off the footrest. Take the plugs from the kit and stick them into the two holes where the socket screws used to be.

Using pliers, take the retaining ring off of the footrest clevis. Then take off the clevis pin and footrest from the support. Put the footrest to the side. Next, take the brake rod cotter pin off the brake rod clevis. Remove the brake rod from the clevis. With your hands, unscrew the clevis from the master cylinder at the rear of the motorcycle.

Remove the footrest or brake pedal screws located on the right side of the bike and take off the support bracket and brake assembly. Like before, use two plugs from the kit to fill the screw holes.

Finally, remove the J-clip located below the right front down tube with the Allen socket and socket wrench. Put the J-clip and screws with the other parts.

Part 2: Install New Forward Control System

Your Harley motorcycle forward Controls kit should come with a brake pedal assembly. Carefully slide this on the footrest mount, then put the clevis into the bracket holding the footrest or brake pedal in place. Line up the clevis and support bracket holes. Then, with 20lbs of torque, tighten the locking screw. Secure the J-clip back in place with the two screws you set aside earlier.

Next, insert the new, ultra-long rear break rod into the master cylinder and thread one end. Insert the other end of the brake rod into the clevis and lock into place with the copper pin from the kit. Put the old foot peg mount in the brake pedal mount with a spring washer, also from the kit. Press the clevis pin down through the mount hole and secure with the retaining ring that comes in the forward control kit.

Install the support bracket for the footrest or shifter pedal onto the left side of the bike frame. Secure the screws from the kit with 50lbs of torque. Carefully glide the left side pedal on the clevis located on the shifter, then install the clevis onto the support bracket.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Thread the locking screw through the clevis and support bracket holes and secure using 20lbs of torque. Press the retaining ring from the kit to the end of the clevis. Once this is done, use the Allen screw from the kit to secure the shifter rod at the far end to the shifter shaft, then secure the other end of the shifter to the accompanying arm. Secure the screws using 150lbs of torque.

Finally, insert the shifter peg into your new shift lever and rotate until taught. Install the male side of the left foot peg into the female clevis and secure with a spring washer from the kit. Line up the clevis pin hole and lock the clevis in place with a retaining ring.

Go to Cycle Vision’s website for more information about forward control kits for the Harley Sportster and other motorcycles.