How to Install a Sissy Bar on a Softail

How to Install a Sissy Bar on a Softail

If you are having trouble installing a sissy bar on your cruiser or bike, a comprehensive how-to guide is your best bet. CycleVisions is here to help you through each step of installation, from start to finish.

Installing a Sissy Bar on a Harley-Davidson Touring 

Touring models by Harley-Davidson are known for their comfort, but a sissy bar adds an extra level of luxury for your passenger. To easily mount a sissy bar, remove the bags and spin the docking spools into place with a screwdriver.

For best results, dab some red Loctite on before you fasten the bolts. Before the Loctite sets, ensure the spool notches are in the horizontal orientation. Place the mounting hardware and you’ll see the bar slide in behind the shock and at the front docking point, then rotate downward and click into place.

Sissy bars are designed to snap directly onto bikes like a Touring Harley with ease. You can even add more accessories like luggage racks in the future.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

A sissy bar sometimes comes with a seat pad. If not, you can buy a seat pad separately online or from the manufacturer. You will need a set of metric wrenches to loosen and tighten the bolts as needed. Align the pad with the holes in the mounting system. Put in the top bolt and tighten until the seat pad stays in place. Make sure you can still move the seat around a little. Insert the lower bolts (there should be 2) and align the bottom of the seat to each side of the sissy bar. Once the seat and sissy bar are aligned, then tighten all the bolts. Make sure the bolts aren't too tight, because they can become stripped.   

Installing a Sissy Bar on a Sportster 

For this installation, you'll need gloves and a Torx head screwdriver. Start by placing the sissy bar into the plate bracket. Secure the bar to the mounting system with four Torx bolts. Make sure you use the right Torx screwdriver head, as the size will vary depending on the year of the bike. Next, remove the protective tape from the reflectors and install them onto the mount. Install the sissy bar from the back of the bike, then place the side plate on the front. The side plate should be placed in the groove of cutout in the docking point. Lastly, secure the sissy bar to the bike by firmly pressing and rotating the latches until they are locked in place. Tug the side panel gently to make sure the latches are locked.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Installing a Sissy Bar on a Low Rider

You'll need a FXDL side mount kit, factory OEM or aftermarket sissy bar, SAE socket set, and SAE hex head Allen wrench set. The first thing you need to do is remove the sissy bar, side mount kit, and all other parts from the packaging and examine them to make sure they aren’t damaged. Next, find the fender support bars on each side of the rear wheel fender. Loosen the bolts on the support fender that fasten onto the rear turn signals. Slide the mounting kit between the fender support bar mount and rear fender and tighten the bolts. Lastly, attach the sissy bar to the FXDL side of the mount kit. If you have any more questions about sissy bar installation, give CycleVisions a call today.