A Guide to Different License Plate Locators

A Guide to Different License Plate Locators

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History of License Plates

License plates are one of the things you need on your motor vehicle to establish ownership and legal operation. These unique combinations of letters and numbers now come in many forms, including personalized vanity plates; state mottos; and different designs to choose from representing causes, landmarks, and more. The first license plates were invented in in New York state in 1901, when the governor signed a bill requiring automobile owners to register their vehicles with the state and visibly display their initials on the vehicle. Back then, there were no rules regarding color, font, or even materials used. Some people used metal lettering on wood or leather backing, and others even painted the initials right on their vehicles!

Today’s license plates need to be placed where law enforcement officials can easily see and read them. In some states, both front and back plates are required on cars, and in many cases, rear plates can be displayed in the rear windshield. Motorcycles offer even more options where plates can be mounted on the body. But motorcycle owners have found that certain upgrades might get the way of your bike’s current plate placement. Fortunately, on a motorcycle, the task is made much easier with a motorcycle license plate relocator. Just because modern plates aren’t as fun as they were in the 1900s doesn’t mean they still can’t add to your overall aesthetic. Read on to find more about these useful kits and where you can get them for your ride.

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License Plate Relocator Overview

But first, what’s a license plate relocator? It sounds like a high-tech device you might see in a true crime drama or spy movie, but in reality it’s a hardware kit that’s used to mount your license plate anywhere on the body of your motorcycle, provided law enforcement officers can clearly make it out. While they’re simple in design, these kits are crucial for making sure your bike is street legal and looking good. There two main types: stainless steel and chrome. Rugged stainless steel relocators are perfect for motorcycles that will see a lot of use in the great outdoors, such as off-roading and dirt biking. For your street bike or cruiser, consider a chrome relocator, as they’re eye-catching and come in many colors for more urban uses.

If you’re planning on making a modification to your bike, you’re likely going to have to remove the factory license plate mount to put the upgrade on. The best license plate relocator requires only a few tools for installation and conspicuously displays your plate without detracting from your ride’s look. Thankfully, when looking for a license plate relocator, motorcycle owners will find that they have plenty of color and style options to suit any bike. Curved relocator kits keep in line with aerodynamics and smooth aesthetics, while classic squared frame kits have an old-school look that’s perfect for choppers.

Now that you know all about motorcycle license plate relocation kits, you’re probably ready to start shopping for one so you can finally make that sweet modification to your ride you’ve been waiting for. Ride in style by making your license plate a cool part of your look. For every kind of license plate relocator or other motorbike accessory you could ever need, check out CycleVisions. We offer swift shipping rates and easy-to-follow installation instructions, so you know exactly what to do when you get your relocator.