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Quick Tips for Installing Motorcycle LED Lights

Lucifer Lights

The proliferation of LED lighting has revolutionized modern life in many ways. Because LEDs draw little energy, are compact and size efficient, and offer years of dependable service before requiring replacement, LEDs have infiltrated almost every lighting application imaginable. The world of motorcycle lighting is no different, as LED lighting for bikes has taken the motorcycling world by storm in the last decade.

On a motorcycle, lighting is considered critical equipment because it allows the rider to see the road and others on the road to see the rider. In that regard, LED lights for motorcycles are the perfect solution to a long-standing problem, as they can emit bright, efficient, highly visible light from any angle. By installing motorcycle LED lights on your bike (such as our “Lucifer Lights” LED motorcycle lighting product), you can get improved lighting performance, but you can also impart your own individual style on your ride through custom lighting. Keep reading to learn a few tips you can use for installing motorcycle LED lighting on your bike.

Decide Your Mounting Location

When planning out your motorcycle lighting array, it’s a good idea first to check what surfaces are primed for mounting. The great thing about LEDs is that they’re typically lightweight and compact, which makes the task of finding mounting points much simpler. Still, you’ll want to choose the spots where you mount the lights strategically. For aesthetic reasons, some riders like to add auxiliary lights on the underside of the tank, which can help draw out the shine on your chrome even after dark. Others place them under the body to cast a halo on the ground, which looks cool and can help increase visibility for you and other drivers. If you’re concerned with visibility, LED strips on the rear of the bike are important, as they’ll help ensure that you’re seen by others from all angles. It’s not just about location, however. You also must make sure that there are suitable surfaces for mounting that correspond to your mounting method. If you’re mounting with an adhesive, you’ll need clean, flat, and smooth surfaces. If you’re using hardware, make sure that you’re mounting the lights so as to not irreparably mar your bike.

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Understand What You’re Getting

Some online listings for LED motorcycle lighting are notoriously vague, so study the details and ask questions. You don’t want to order lighting for your undercarriage only to find that it’s not the right size or brightness to be noticed. You also need to understand how LED brightness scales work, as that can play a role in determining which lighting unit is best for your application. Also, make sure that you’re getting the hardware you’ll need to mount the lighting on your bike. There’s nothing worse than getting the light unit only, then having to devise a mounting method by sorting through random hardware. Check out our Illumabezel LED lights to give the front of your bike a brand new look.

Go Big or Don’t Go

There’s a wide diversity of quality when it comes to LED lighting for use on a motorcycle. Many want to cut a corner by purchasing the lowest cost lighting they can find, but that’s not advisable. Cheap LEDs are just that. They’re cheap. Cheap LEDs are often low quality. That means they’re prone to failure and can’t be depended upon in a critical situation. On a motorcycle, lighting is crucial, and you don’t want to trust your safety and visibility to a cheap light. Go ahead and spend a little extra to get quality you can trust from a reputable vendor, even if you must save up to get the lighting you want and need.

If you’re considering motorcycle LED lights, make sure to use these tips to select the right lighting for your application. Check out our Eliminator II which features our exclusive Bag Lites™, our custom taillight and turn signal assembly, as well as a lighted plate frame. We also have our signature Slick Signal license plate frames that feature LED lighting for run, brake, and turn signal functions as well as a license plate light. Contact Cycle Visions at (619) 295-7800 to learn more about installing LED lighting on your motorcycle.