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The Benefits of Installing Motorcycle Forward Controls

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On long distance rides, the factory placement of the gear shifter and brake pedal on your motorcycle may not make for the most comfortable of circumstances. Traditionally, those all-important controls are positioned directly beneath the rider’s seat near the foot pegs. While that’s convenient for riding around town when you may have to change your position often and maintain an upright position, the placement and resulting posture can become exhausting on long highway hauls.

To deal with that fact of motorcycling life, many manufacturers of aftermarket accessories offer motorcycle forward controls that allow riders to hold a more comfortable posture for long distance cruising. The best motorcycle forward controls allow riders to assume a more relaxed, reclined position without sacrificing agility or control of the bike. The installation of forward controls involves the removal of the stock brake pedal and gear shifter and the replacement of those components with new components that extend further forward. The conversion to forward controls for a motorcycle is a simple and straight-forward process for many people, though some opt for professional installation. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing forward controls on your motorcycle.

Greater Comfort

Originally, motorcycle controls were placed beneath the hips of the rider near the foot pegs. The reasons for that placement is so that riders can quickly put their feet down during stop and start traffic, to provide more upright posture for visibility, and to provide leverage for turning at slower speeds. However, those concerns aren’t as important on long highway rides where there are fewer traffic signals, longer uninterrupted rides, greater speeds, and less dense traffic. To that end, forward controls allow for the feet of the rider to be moved forward to create a more reclined position that is far more comfortable on long rides. The forward control position allows you to ride with less bend at the knee, which allows more room to stretch your legs while traveling. That will reduce stiffness on longer trips and make for a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

Improved Aesthetics

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, the look of a motorcycle and rider when forward controls are installed is more aesthetically pleasing. They make the rider look more laid back, which in turn gives the bike a faster appearance. The old-school styling that results from the installation of forward controls is appealing to many in the motorcycle cruising community.

Enhanced Value

If you ever decide to put your motorcycle on the market, the presence of forward controls can help you get more money for your bike. Forward controls represent one of the most desirable aftermarket accessories for motorcycles, so the fact that they’re already installed on your bike can make it more coveted. In that regard, forward controls can not only help you get more money for your bike, but they may also help you sell it more quickly.

Motorcycle with Forward Controls

Easy Installation

While some motorcycle owners prefer to let professional bike mechanics install their accessories, the installation of forward controls is so simple that many riders opt to do it themselves. You can purchase your own aftermarket parts from the vendor of your choice and install them on your motorcycle with some basic tools, a few hours of your time, and a minimum amount of knowledge. By doing it yourself, you can further magnify the value of your forward controls upgrade and save money on installation.

Motorcycle forward controls are a great amendment for anyone who spends a lot of time cruising the open road on the back of a bike. They offer many benefits that include greater comfort, improved value, appealing looks, and ease of installation. To learn more about motorcycle forward controls, contact CycleVisions at (619) 295-7800.