Motorcycle Air Filter Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle Air Filter Maintenance Tips

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The air filter is a critical part of a motorcycle that protects the engine from dust and debris, allowing clean air to enter the engine. This improved airflow will help the acceleration of the bike and increase its horsepower. Air filters for a motorcycle can be made of paper, fabric, or foam. The most common type of air filter is paper, which is less expensive and disposable. Fabric and foam filters are more expensive, as they are washable and can be reused. In fact, these filters may be washed as much as 50 times before a new one is needed. Regardless of the type of air filter you want for your motorcycle, you should always practice proper maintenance. Here are four ways the best motorcycle air cleaner can benefit your bike.

Knock Off Loose Dirt

Much of the dirt that accumulates on your motorcycle’s air filter is at the surface and can easily be knocked off. Initially, it may seem that there is a great deal of dirt to be cleaned, but when you knock the dirt off, you’ll be able to easily see the areas where the dirt has attached itself to the air filter. Once you’ve knocked off this loose dirt, you’ll have a better idea of which areas are dirty and where you need to focus on cleaning the filter.

Use an Air Filter Cleaner

The purpose of an air filter cleaner is to clean out the grime that accumulates inside the filter. If possible, you should use a manufacturer-recommended cleaner, as this product is sure to be effective without damaging your filter. When using the cleaner, gently work it into the filter for optimal results. You should avoid heavy corrosive cleaning chemicals, as these can clog and eventually breakdown your filter. Also, you should never wring or squeeze the filter, as this could cause irreparable damage.

Rinse and Wash

Once you’ve gotten rid of most of the dirt and grime from the filter, you should promptly rinse and wash it. Start by rinsing the filter with warm water. This will allow you to rid the filter of some of the loose particles that have become free with the use of the cleaner. Warm soapy water will get the remaining grease off of the filter. It may take several washes before your filter is completely clean. You will be able to tell that the filter is clean because the water running off of it will be clear and no longer appear to hold the dirt particles.

Dry Thoroughly

In order for your air filter to be effective for your motorcycle, it must be dry. A wet filter may cause the engine of your bike to underperform or fail. The best way to quickly dry your filter depends on the type of filter you’re attempting to dry. If you’re using a foam filter, you should use an air compressor to dry the filter. For one made of fabric, tossing the filter into the air a few times will complete the drying process.

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Oil Your Filter

Once your air filter has dried out, you’ll want to oil it before putting back into your motorcycle. It’s essential that you put the right amount of oil onto the filter to have it work properly. If you place too little oil on the filter, it will allow dust through and into the engine. If you place too much oil on the filter, it will restrict the airflow, negatively affecting the performance of your engine. The right amount will allow your engine to work at peak performance.

An air filter allows the necessary amount of air into your motorcycle’s engine so that it can work as intended. Follow these tips to properly clean your motorcycle air cleaner and experience the benefits.