Choosing the Right Extended Saddlebag for Your Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Extended Saddlebags

Are you looking for the right way to store all of your gear while riding your motorcycle? Extended saddlebags are the perfect solution! They fit snugly on your motorcycle, hold everything you need them to, and even look stylish. However, to find the right saddlebags for your personal needs, there are a few things you will need to consider. Keep reading to learn about the most essential factors to keep in mind while browsing saddlebags.


Saddlebags are available in a wide range of dimensions. The main purpose of your saddlebags is storage, so you want to make sure that the bag you choose has ample space. In addition to the items you want to store, you'll also need to consider the size of your bike. If you get saddlebags that are too large, too small, or simply don’t fit in the desired spot, they will look a little off. Before beginning your search, measure your motorcycle. This way, you can choose the best extended saddlebags that will suit your bike. 


You will also need to think about the shape of the bag. These days, saddlebags come in all sorts of varying shapes. No shape is better than the other; it all depends on your personal preference. Take a look at all of the saddlebags available online or in stores and see which shape you like the most. Be sure to keep your motorcycle in mind, too, so you can find a style that works with your motorcycle’s look.


The weight of the saddlebags will have an effect on how your motorcycle drives. If the bags are too heavy, they may go over the weight capacity for the bike. This can negatively impact how fast your bike is able to go, as well as the overall ride. Look at the weight of the bags when they are empty and their weight capacity. If it is too heavy, consider opting for smaller saddlebags.


As with any purchase, you will need to keep the cost of your saddlebags in mind. Saddlebags typically cost a few hundred dollars, with higher quality ones costing a bit more. Prior to starting your search, decide how much you are willing to spend on your saddlebags. Keep in mind that you may also need to buy a saddlebag mount and other accessories to get the most from your saddlebags. Set a budget before you begin the search process and stick to it.

Colors and Design

Next, you will want to consider the appearance of the saddlebags. Naturally, you will want to get a pair that complements the look of your motorcycle. Take a look at the colors of your bike and select bags that will go well with it. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the appearance of the bag is to choose a look that you will love. 


For those with cruiser style and standard motorcycles, supports or guards may be necessary, too. On standard bikes, saddlebags can get sucked into the back wheel. The rear coil shocks may come into contact with the saddlebags and cause irreparable damage to them. You can prevent this, however, by purchasing and using saddlebag guards too.

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