Motorcycle Forward Controls

Understanding How Motorcycle Forward Controls Work

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road that you can enjoy on the back of a motorcycle. The rush of the wind, the hum of the motor, and the wide-open panoramic view simply represent one of the grandest ways that you can travel on the highway. A road trip on the back of a motorcycle can make traveling through the most mundane stretch of highway into a true adventure. It’s easy to see why for cycling enthusiasts, taking a road trip on the back of a bike is the best way to travel.

However, there are challenges to long road trips on a motorcycle. It can be uncomfortable for some and maintaining proper riding posture over long distances can lead to fatigue. Fortunately, there are many devices designed to make travel more comfortable on a motorcycle during long trips, and those amenities can even make your daily trips around town more enjoyable as well. One such amendment that many motorcyclists have added to their bikes is a forward controls kit. Forward controls for motorcycles use extended pedals and rods to replace the standard shifting and read break pedals. This provides the rider with a more relaxed posture that can help make long trips more comfortable. Read on to learn more about motorcycle forward controls and how they work.


What Are Forward Controls?

On most motorcycles, the shifting and rear braking controls are manipulated by the rider’s foot. Those controls are typically located directly beneath the seat of the rider, which keeps the rider in an upright, vertically oriented position. To use the controls, the rider’s knees must be bent. While that may be fine for jaunts around town, it can be quite uncomfortable on longer trips. Forward controls use extensions that allow the original pedals and levers to be replaced in order to move the critical controls forward on the bike. That allows the driver to extend the legs and still reach the controls, which can provide a more relaxed posture for the rider.

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How Are They Installed?

Depending on the motorcycle and the kit used, adding forward controls to your motorcycle can be a simple task. The best motorcycle forward controls come in the form of bolt-on kits that can be easily installed on your bike. These extended levers and pedals can simply be bolted onto the original footpeg mounts, while the stock components are replaced by the forward controls. However, if you can’t find a kit for your make and model of motorcycle, you may need the help of a professional motorcycle mechanic to fabricate and install the forward controls for you.

Benefits of Forward Controls

As previously stated, forward controls are primarily designed to provide the motorcyclist with a more comfortable ride by adjusting the posture and allowing extension of the legs without losing the ability to shift and brake. They are commonly used in conjunction with highway bar extensions, and the two amendments combined can significantly increase rider comfort during long-distance travel.

There are safety benefits in using forward controls, as well. For example, since they prevent rider fatigue and stiffness, they allow the rider to remain alert and physically capable of responding to roadway hazards or dangerous circumstances. They can also be used to adjust the ergonomics of your motorcycle if necessary, as in the case of a tall rider using a small bike.

Motorcycle Forward Controls

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If you own a motorcycle and enjoy long trips on the open road, you should consider adding forward controls to your bike. By doing so, you can improve your comfort level and enjoy future road trips even more. To learn more about motorcycle forward controls, visit our parts store today!