Harley Davidson Extended Saddlebags

Extended Stretched Saddlebags: Everything You Need to Know

If you drive a motorcycle, you’re always looking for ways to improve your bike. By keeping it in prime condition at all times, you can ensure a smooth ride and greater safety. However, sometimes you’re looking for accessories that take your bike to the next level. If you’re looking for quality accessories, few are more popular than extended saddlebags. If you’ve considered upgrading your motorcycle by adding extended saddlebags for Harleys, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, here are some things to consider.

Improved Storage Space

While it might seem obvious, the versatility you give your bike by adding extended saddlebags cannot be understated. By making this simple addition, you can use your motorcycle for several activities that previously used to require a car. The best extended saddlebags for bikes have plenty of room for groceries! Want to head out for a picnic? Saddlebags make it easy to pack up food, drinks, blankets, and whatever else you need for a day out in the countryside.

They’re Not Going Anywhere

Hard saddlebag mounts install directly onto your bike. You can pack them full of whatever you like with total confidence that everything’s going to stay put. Also, the installation process couldn't be easier. Most extended saddlebags come with mounting holes pre-drilled. All you have to do is mount them up to your OEM bolts, and you’re good to go. In fact, because the process is so easy, you can switch out your extended saddlebags at a later date if you desire. They’re just as simple to remove as they are to install, so it takes very little time to fully update the look of your bike.

Look Your Best

It’s great that extended saddlebags are functional, because the reality is they look fantastic even when they’re completely empty. With several styles and designs available, you can pick whichever saddlebags you think best fit your bike. Most are made of fiberglass with a gel-coated finish and make for a cool and elegant addition to your favorite motorcycle. They’re also tough, so they won’t easily scratch or dent, providing you years of top-notch aesthetics as well as ample storage space.

Find the Perfect One for Your Bike

Like motorcycles themselves, not every extended saddlebag will work for everyone. Be sure to research the brands and options beforehand so you know you’re getting the right one for you. You wouldn’t want the wrong extended saddlebags to impede your ability to take corners and maintain a smooth ride. Just because a brand may say they have the best saddlebags for Harleys doesn’t mean they’re going to work just as well for your motorcycle. The good news is that there is definitely one out there that is perfect for your motorcycle. That’s just another reason why they look so good. Essentially, they’re always customized for you, once you find the right one.

Extended Saddlebags

It’s not often one simple upgrade to your bike can make it look so much better while adding unbelievable functionality. If updating your bike with extended saddlebags makes sense to you, the first place you’ll want to look is Cycle Vision. With their wide selection of brand name products, you’re sure to find just the right extended saddlebags for you. Check out their website today!