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Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket/Adapter 84 & Up Wheels 1/2" Thick


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Streamline Your Ride with Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket Adapter

Maximize the versatility of your Harley Davidson with our Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket Adapter, designed for models from 1984 and onwards. This 1/2" thick adapter is the ultimate solution for riders looking to mix and match early or late-style wheels, pulleys, or sprockets, offering unparalleled flexibility in customizing your motorcycle. With part number CV2004, this adapter is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your Harley, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Ideal for those who value customization and efficiency, this pulley and wheel spacer enhances your bike’s functionality while maintaining its iconic look.


Cycle Visions "The Correct" Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket/Adapter For 84 & Up Harley Davidson Wheels

Allows the use of any combination of early or late-style wheel, pulley or sprocket 

1/2'' Thick

P/N CV2004

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