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Rear Wheel Pulley Spacer 00 & Up Wheels .100" Thick


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Fine-Tune Your Harley with Rear Wheel Pulley Spacer

Optimize your Harley Davidson's rear wheel setup with "The Correct" Rear Wheel Pulley Spacer, designed for models from the year 2000 and onwards. This .100" thick spacer is your go-to solution for fitting a 150 rear tire on 00-06 FLT models, ensuring a perfect alignment and enhanced ride stability. Part number CV2008 signifies this essential component in achieving the optimal rear tire setup for your ride. Whether you're customizing for looks or performance, this pulley spacer is a must-have for Harley owners looking to make precise adjustments to their motorcycle's rear wheel.


Cycle Visions "The Correct" Rear Wheel Pulley Spacer For 00 & Up Harley Davidson Wheels .100" Thick. 

Use to install 150 rear tire on 00-06 FLT models

P/N CV2008

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