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MoFlow Air Cleaner

Application: 89-Up XL W/ CV Delphi or Mikuni
Color: Gloss Black

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MoFlow Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Looking to boost your bike's performance with a Harley Davidson high-flow air cleaner? The CycleVisions MoFlow™ Air Cleaner might just be what you're after. Crafted from polished aluminum and then chrome-plated, it's not just about function — this air cleaner brings a sleek, clean look to your bike, thanks to its hidden fasteners and an internal breather tube.

But it's not all about looks. Inside, you'll find a reusable pleated gauze performance filter designed for serious airflow. We're talking about engineering and flow testing to a whopping 187.5 cfm at 400 inches to make sure your motor breathes deeply, delivering both maximum flow and protection.

Everything you need comes in the box: a seal breather assembly velocity plate and all the mounting hardware you'll need for a straightforward install. So, if you're in the market for a Harley Davidson air cleaner that not only improves performance but also adds a bit of chrome-plated style to your ride, the MoFlow Air Cleaner is a solid pick. Whether you're searching for a high-flow solution or just a stylish Harley Davidson air cleaner cover, this assembly has got you covered.


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