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41mm Fork Tube Extensions

Size: + 1"

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Upgrade Your Harley with 41mm Fork Tube Extensions

Elevate your Harley Davidson's front end to new heights with our premium 41mm Fork Tube Extensions, crafted from durable stainless steel. These extensions are ideal for riders looking to install larger 23" or 26" front wheels, or simply aiming to raise their bike for a more commanding presence on the road. Our extensions seamlessly extend any 41mm fork tubes, enhancing your motorcycle's aesthetics and improving its stance without compromising on performance. Perfect for custom builders or enthusiasts looking to personalize their ride, these extensions are a must-have for achieving that distinctive look and feel.


Made of Stainless Steel.

Extends all 41mm fork tubes.

Perfect when installing 23 & 26 inch front wheels, or to raise the bike up.

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