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Curved License Plate Relocation For Softails

Application: 18-up FatBob FXFB
Frame Style: Slick Signal
Frame Color: Chrome

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Streamline Your Softail with the Curved License Plate Relocation Kit

The Cyclevisions Curved License Plate Relocation Kit for Softails is all about making your Harley Davidson Softail look cleaner and sleeker. It's a great way to get rid of that bulky plastic piece on the side and move your license plate to the back where it really should be.

You've got options for the frame too — choose between Chrome or Black, depending on what matches your bike best. And there's more: you can pick a frame that's just a license plate light or go for the Slick Signal Frame. The Slick Signal comes with everything: run, turn, brake, and license plate lights. If you like things easy, you'll be happy to know the Slick Signal Frame is plug-and-play, meaning no fuss to get it set up. The license plate light only frame needs a bit of work to wire it in, but nothing too tricky.

It's designed for 7" x 4" US motorcycle license plates and fits most Harley Davidson Softail models, except for the CVO Breakout.

So, if you're looking to tidy up the back of your Harley Davidson Softail and keep it looking sharp, this license plate kit is a solid choice. Plus, it's a neat way to add some extra lights to your ride, making you more visible and safe on the road.



All Slick Signal Frames Are Plug n Play 

All License Plate Light only Frames will need to be hardwired to your existing harness.

Fits 7" x 4" US Motorcycle License Plates  

Will not fit  CVO Breakout.

NOTE: The lighted plate frame functions with a third brake light. If OEM lighting does not have a third brake light, the Body Control Module will need to be flashed to have a Dedicated Brake Light by a qualified technician.


Installation Instructions CV4653 & CV4655

Installation Instructions CV4654 

Installation Instructions CV4657

Installation Instructions CV4659


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