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Application: 91-05 FXD/FXDWG & 91-02 FLST/FXST/FXSTS
Fitment: Without Detachable Sissy bar

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Barebacks: Quick Release Saddlebag System for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

If you're all about making your Harley as functional as it is stylish, then you'll want to check out our Barebacks. This patented quick-release docking system is a game-changer for Harley owners who use OEM saddlebags. Whether you've got docking hardware for sissy bars or not, Barebacks work flawlessly, giving you the flexibility you need.

Made from top-notch 303 stainless steel, Barebacks are all about durability and reliability. But the real kicker? You can remove your saddlebags in about 3 seconds flat. Imagine the convenience of that—especially when you're on the go and time matters.

And for those who appreciate a sleek look, we've got chromed aluminum caps that snap on the strut, ensuring your bike maintains its clean lines even when the bags are off. Please note, though, Barebacks aren't suitable for XL or Cross Bones models, so you'll want to keep that in mind.

Whether you're a long-distance rider needing quick access to your gear or a city cruiser looking for an easy way to adapt your ride, saddle bag Barebacks are your solution for quick, easy, and secure saddlebag attachment.



( US Patent 6,293,450.B1 & 9,616,956)


- CV127 fits: 91-05 FXD/FXDWG & 91-02 FLSTF/FXST/FXSTS

- CV128 fits: 91-05 FXD/FXDWG & 91-02 FLSTF/FXST/FXSTS w/detachable sissy bar

- CV136 fits: 03-17 FLSTF/FXST & FXSTS & FLSTN

- CV137 fits: 03-17 FLSTF/FXST & FXSTS & FLSTN w/detachable sissy bar

- CV138 fits: 03-17 FLSTC &FLSTS

- CV139 fits: 03-17 FLSTC &FLSTS w/detachable sissy bar

- CV140 fits: 84-99 FLSTC

- CV141 fits: 84-99 FLSTC w/detachable sissy bar

- CV142 fits: 97-02 FLSTS & 00-02 FLSTC

- CV143 fits: 97-02 FLSTS & 00-02 FLSTC w/detachable sissy bar

- CV144 fits: 06-17 Dyna (all models except Switchback)

-CV145 fits: 06-17 Dyna w/detachable sissy bar (all models except Switchback)

-CV146 fits: 18-21 FLHC(Heritage) & FLDE(Deluxe)

-CV147 fits: 18-21 FLHC(Heritage) & FLDE(Deluxe) w/detachable sissy bar



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