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CycleVisions: Our Mission

Welcome to CycleVisions, the best place to start your next motorcycle venture! We are the premier independent motorcycle shop in San Diego, California, serving the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and adventurers from across the region. We believe that nothing is as exhilarating as a ride on a high-performance motorcycle; the wind and open air enhance your sense of freedom and your sense of adventure as you sweep through the twists and turns of the open road. Touring on a motorcycle is a uniquely satisfying experience, and CycleVisions is here to help you make that experience a reality. We are passionate about motorcycles, and it’s our mission to help every like-minded cycle enthusiast get the absolute most out of their open-road adventures. From rentals to parts to full-bike service, CycleVisions has all your bike needs covered. We have earned a rock-solid reputation from our loyal customers for going above and beyond expectations every single day. Shop our online parts store for exclusive aftermarket CycleVisions parts or come visit us at our location in historic Old Town San Diego. Whether you’re looking for a rental bike to take you on the ride of a lifetime or an oil change for your own personal bike, come see us today. We have the parts, the bikes, and the experience to make your dreams of an open-road adventure a reality. Your next adventure begins at CycleVisions!

CycleVisions Rental

Start your next unforgettable open-road adventure with a premier bike rental from CycleVisions! Our rental shop carries an enviable fleet of bikes that includes major touring motorcycles from all the leading manufacturers. We’re a one-stop shop for the most exciting Harley and Indian motorcycle rentals. The following is just a sampling of our outstanding rental cycle lineup:
  • Ducati Monster 821
  • Ducati SuperSport
  • Triumph Bonneville
  • Indian Chieftain
  • Indian Vintage
  • Black and Red Indian Scouts
  • Road Glide Special
  • Heritage M8 Softail
  • Harley Dyna Low Rider
  • Slingshot SL LE
  • and so many more!
Crank up your favorite biker anthem, grab the throttle, and treat yourself to a biking trip that will change your life. Journey to places and see sights that can best be appreciated while feeling the wind in your face. Our reasonable rental rates put the unforgettable well within your reach. They include full insurance coverage and two helmets. One-day rentals are good for 24 hours and 400 miles, while rentals lasting more than three days have unlimited miles. When you rent from CycleVisions, the only limit to your next biking journey is your imagination! Answer the call of the open road with an elite motorcycle rental from CycleVisions. Take the chance to do and see amazing things, fulfill your dreams, and feel the freedom and exhilaration of seeing our beautiful country as you’ve never seen it before. Come visit us today to get started on your next big adventure. Renting from CycleVisions is easy; it’s returning the bike that’s always hard. Your One-Stop Shop

We are a premier online provider of CycleVisions motorcycle parts and your personal gateway to CycleVisions motorcycle rentals and our repair shop in San Diego, California. Motorcycles are our passion, and we know our customers feel that way, too, which is why we consistently work to provide bikes, parts, and service that exceed the highest expectations of quality. We go the extra mile so you can ride the extra mile. Experience the exhilaration of riding the open road on a premier touring cycle from manufacturers such as Indian, Ducati, Harley, or Heritage. Find exactly the CycleVisions parts you need to keep your bike looking great and performing in tip-top shape. Give your ride a custom service job from our motorcycle service experts. Whatever you and your bike need, we’ve got it at This is where your dreams of adventure come true. Take to the road with CycleVisions!

CycleVisions Parts and Repairs

Our repair and machine shop, located in historic Old Town San Diego, is your premier location for motorcycle parts and repairs. Our team of motorcycle specialists is here to provide you and your bike with exceptional service. We carry a full selection of stock parts so we can usually have you and your bike up and running in no time at all. We love bikes as much as you do, and our commitment to quality and performance shows in everything we do. From oil changes to full custom rebuilds and everything in between, the CycleVisions service and repair shop has you covered. Come see us today!

CycleVisions Parts Store

CycleVisions was founded in 1996 and is a premier manufacturer of V-Twin aftermarket specialty motorcycle products and parts. Our founder, Randy Aron, is a passionate lifetime biker with a vision for providing exceptional parts and service to like-minded bikers everywhere. Today, the CycleVisions team is staffed with experts who love everything about bikes—the freedom, the call of the open road, and the exhilaration of the wind in their faces. Our love for everything about bikes shows in everything we do; when you call or come in, you’re always talking to a fellow biker, and you’ll get service from someone who loves bikes and biking as much as you do. We carry CycleVisions aftermarket parts for all types of motorcycles, including Dyna’s, Softails, choppers, touring models, and many more. We’ve got everything you need to make your ride safe, sleek, and comfortable, from lights, brake pads, and control extensions to sissy bars, handlebars, and saddlebag mounts. All our products are manufactured using the highest standards; they are well-made, easy to install, and built to enhance your look and your ride. CycleVisions’ V-Twin parts look at home on any bike, anywhere. Shop our online parts store today for the finest aftermarket bike parts and accessories available!

Our Parts and Accessories

CycleVisions has been in the business of providing exceptional aftermarket parts and accessories for extraordinary motorcycles since 1996. We are passionate about motorcycles, and everything we do is done with one goal in mind: to make your ride the best it can be. Our online parts store stocks a wide range of CycleVisions parts, including the following:
  • Battery mounts
  • Brake pads
  • Control extensions
  • Handlebars
  • License plate brackets
  • LED lighting
  • Sissy bars
  • and so much more!
We have quality products designed and engineered to make your ride more comfortable, to increase your bike’s performance, and to give your bike a sleek, modern, and ultracool look. Customize your pride and joy with quality parts from CycleVisions.

Sissy Bars

Sissy bars—short for sister bars—have a long history in the biking world. The original bar began as a simple strut made to connect the fender to the frame but have since evolved into so much more. Modern extended sissy bars provide a stable backrest and handhold for passengers; deliver solid support for securely mounting a variety of cargo; and give the back of your bike a cool, custom look that’s all your own. A bold sissy bar adds visual weight to the back of a bike and serves to balance the front and give the overall bike an improved sense of proportion. There’s nothing sissy about sissy bars from CycleVisions. CycleVisions’ cool sissy bar designs are unique and constructed using 9/16ths round or square steel bars. You’ll find sissy bars in 18-inch or 30-inch heights. Go simple with an Old School chrome bar or make a more modern statement with a black Twisted Attitude Stick. Upgrade your ride with fabulous and functional sissy bars from CycleVisions today!

License Plate Relocators

Update your ride while keeping “the man” happy with custom tag brackets and license plate relocators from CycleVisions! Make your rear end look sleek and sophisticated with high-quality aftermarket license plate mounts and frames from CycleVisions. We carry the hottest, most in-demand styles here at CycleVisions, including:
  • Sleek curved mounts for your Dyna with run lights, brake lights, and turn signals built into the frame.
  • In-close side-mount brackets with no visible fasteners and the sleekest, most tucked-in look on the market. These low-profile tag holders can be oriented horizontally or vertically and are available with and without built-in lights.
  • High-tech eliminators that replace your existing taillight, turn signals, and plate mount in one clean piece. These brackets simply plug into your existing OEM wiring harness and cover all holes with no painting required.
Everyone loves the look of a great rear end! Give yours a boost with aftermarket license plate solutions from CycleVisions today!

Forward Control Modifications

For a totally custom, comfortable ride, turn to aftermarket forward control modifications from CycleVisions. Shift rod extensions, floorboard extensions, and forward control extensions can add several inches to the controls of your bike, giving you a relaxed and easy ride. Floorboards and footpeg relocators also help to enhance your riding experience and make it easier to enjoy riding for longer periods of time. Outfit your bike with custom control modifications sized to be just right for you. CycleVisions is passionate about biking. Our founder and our employees are all bikers who love the ride, the bike, and the road. From the early days of our founding until now, we’ve been consistently committed to providing parts and service that help bikers everywhere get the most from their biking experience. Nothing in this world is as exhilarating as the feeling of the wind in your face and the freedom of the open road. Make your next ride more comfortable with control extensions from CycleVisions. The road was made for biking.

LED Lights

Decked out in your favorite black cycling leather and ultracool graphite helmet, you are perfectly poised to take on and defeat urban traffic and congestion. But, while your killer biking skills and stealth looks may make you feel like a predator, you and your bike are actually very much the prey. In any clash between biker and car, the car will win every time. Unlike chameleons that are programmed to blend into their surroundings for protection and survival, bikers survive by standing out and being seen. LED motorcycle lights are the perfect way to flip-flop the natural order and make you and your bike conspicuous in all lighting conditions. High-intensity LED lights are impossible to miss in darkness, and they add valuable visibility even in daylight. LED lighting from CycleVisions is your number one solution to maximize your visibility. We have small lights, big lights, bag lights, and lucifer lights that are small enough to put almost any place. LED lights from CycleVisions can light any bike anywhere. Solve the problem of invisibility and prevent accidents with motorcycle LED lights from CycleVisions. Shop our online selection today! Never drive unseen again.

Air Cleaners

Improve the airflow of your engine with aftermarket CycleVisions air cleaners. Our patented V-Twin air cleaners are carefully designed to improve filtering and provide superior airflow, allowing more oxygen to get the engine. More oxygen means more power, better burn, and a more satisfying riding experience. Since 1996, CycleVisions has been building air cleaners, injecticovers, and air filters designed to increase overall acceleration and horsepower. Our products fit directly onto the OEM airbox and generally require no fuel management modifications to achieve the desired increase in performance. Our patented MoFlow assembly is tested at 187.5 cubic feet per minute and 400 inches to give your motor maximum protection and flow. It’s available in black or polished chrome for a sleek, clean look. A passion for the ride and the road drives everything we do at CycleVisions. Call us today to talk about our motorcycle air cleaners. You’ll talk to a motorcycle expert who loves the exhilaration of a great ride just as much as you do.

Go the Extra Mile with CycleVisions

Take your bike to the next level with CycleVisions. For exceptional service, parts, and rentals, no one does it better than CycleVisions. We go the extra mile so you can go the extra mile. Shop online or call us today to discover the difference CycleVisions can make!