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"Go-Forward" Floorboard Extensions


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"Go-Forward" Floorboard Extensions for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

If you're a taller rider who loves cruising on a Harley, you know that comfort is key for those long rides. That's where the "Go-Forward" Floorboard Extensions come into play. These handy extensions push your entire floorboard and pedal assembly forward by 2 inches, giving you that extra legroom you've been craving.

It's a game-changer for anyone who feels a bit cramped on their bike. Just a heads up, though, these won't fit if you've got engine guards installed, so you'll want to consider that before you dive in.

These extensions are designed to fit Harley models from 2000 and up, specifically FLSTC, FLSTF, and FLSTS models. So, if you're riding one of these and looking for a bit more space to stretch out, these floorboard extensions could be exactly what you need.

For those searching for Harley Davidson floorboard extensions or specifically floorboard extensions for Harley Davidson, the "Go-Forward" Floorboard Extensions offer a straightforward solution to enhance your riding comfort, especially for the taller folks out there. It's all about making your rides more enjoyable, mile after mile.



Cyclevisions "Go Forward" Floorboard extensions move your entire floorboard and pedal assembly forward 2 inches.

Perfect for taller riders 

Note: Will not work with engine guards

Fits: 00 - Up FLSTC, FLSTF & FLSTS Models

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