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Curved Slick Signal License Plate Frame

Connector Type: 8-pin(Dyna)
Size: Chrome

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Curved Slick Signal License Plate Frame for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Looking to light up your ride with something sleek? The Curved Slick Signal License Plate Frame might just be what you're after. This isn't your average license plate frame. It comes equipped with three-function LED lights that cover your running, braking, and turn signal needs, along with a dedicated light for illuminating your license plate. Pretty neat for making sure you're seen and staying safe, right?

It's designed to fit standard 4" x 7" license plates and is made from durable aluminum. Whether you prefer the classic look of chrome or the sleekness of black, there's a style to match your bike and your taste.

Just a heads up, though, these frames aren't D.O.T. approved, so keep that in mind depending on where you're riding. As for compatibility, we've got you covered for a wide range of bikes:

  • The CV4621/B model with an 8-Pin Connector is a go for '99 and up Dynas, plus '99-'10 Softails. It's a direct replacement for several CV models.
  • For those rocking '18 and newer Softails, the CV4622/B with MX-1900 Connectors will fit perfectly.
  • And if you have an '11-'17 Softail, the CV4623/B with Deutsch Connectors is the one for you, replacing other specific CV models.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your Harley Davidson license plate frame with some LED flair, or want a license plate frame with light for added visibility and style, this Curved Slick Signal License Plate Frame offers a cool blend of functionality and aesthetics.



Slick Signal License Plate Frame features three-function LED lights (Run, Brake, Turn Signal) And License Plate light.


Fits 4" x 7" license plates.

Made from aluminum and comes in either chrome or black.

Not D.O.T. approved.

NOTE: The lighted plate frame functions with a third brake light. If OEM lighting does not have a third brake light, the Body Control Module will need to be flashed to have a Dedicated Brake Light by a qualified technician.


CV4621/B - 8-Pin Connector - Fits  99-Up Dyna & 99-10 Softails - Replacement frame for CV4640, CV4650, CV4651 & CV4652

CV4622/B - MX-1900 Connectors - Fits 18-Up Softails - Replacement frame for CV4653, CV4654, CV4656, CV4657

CV4623/B - Deutsch Connectors - Fits 11-17 Softails - Replacement frame for CV4655

Any other application of this frame may require custom wiring, wiring diagram can be found in the installation instructions linked below. 

Installation Instructions 

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