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Twisted Attitude Stick Sissy Bar

Width: 8.25''- 8.75'' Side Plates
Height: 18'' Tall
Color: Chrome

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Upgrade Your Harley with the Twisted Attitude Stick Sissy Bar

Give your Harley Davidson a unique edge with the Twisted Attitude Stick Sissy Bar, a modern spin on our classic Old School Attitude Stick sissy bars. This standout accessory is crafted from robust 9/16 square steel bar, offering a distinctive twist design that sets your ride apart from the rest. Choose from two sizes to suit your style: a striking approximately 30" for a bold statement or a sleek 18" for a subtler look.

Designed to fit side plates ranging from 8.25" to 8.75", as well as 11'' side plates, it ensures a versatile fit for various Harley models. Available in both Chrome and Black finishes, you can select the option that best complements your bike's aesthetic. Please note, side plates are sold separately, allowing you to customize your setup further.

Whether you're aiming for a fresh look or need added support for a passenger, the Twisted Attitude Stick Sissy Bar merges functionality with unparalleled style. Its durable construction and eye-catching design make it an essential addition for any Harley Davidson enthusiast looking to personalize their motorcycle.

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