Curved License Plate Relocation For Softails

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Cyclevisions Curved License Plate Relocation Kits are the Nicest Way to Clean Up the Tail of your Softail, Get that plastic hunk off the side and put your license plate in the rear were it belongs.

Lighted License Plate frames are available in Chrome or Black, And Either A Slick Signal Frame(Run/Turn/Break/License Plate Lights)  Or A License Plate Light Only Frame

All Slick Signal Frames Are Plug n Play 

All License Plate Light only Frames will need to be hardwired to your existing harness.

Fits 7" x 4" US Motorcycle License Plates  

NOTE: The lighted plate frame functions with a third brake light. If OEM lighting does not have a third brake light, the Body Control Module will need to be flashed to have a Dedicated Brake Light by a qualified technician.


Installation Instructions CV4653 & CV4655

Installation Instructions CV4654 

Installation Instructions CV4657

Installation Instructions CV4659


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