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Rear Wheel Spacers 84 & Up Wheels 5/8" Thick


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Optimize Your Harley's Fit with Rear Wheel Pulley Spacers

Unlock the full potential of your Harley Davidson's rear wheel setup with "The Correct" Rear Wheel Spacers, designed specifically for models from 1984 and up. These 5/8" thick spacers are engineered to accommodate any mix of early- or late-style wheels, pulleys, or sprockets, providing the versatility you need for custom configurations. Perfect for riders looking to tailor their motorcycle's rear assembly for improved alignment or aesthetic appeal, part number CV2005 represents the key to a customized, precise fit. Enhance your Harley's performance and look by integrating these durable pulley spacers into your setup.



Cycle Visions "The Correct" Rear Wheel Spacers For 84 & Up Harley Davidson Wheels

Allows the use of any combination of early- or late-style wheel, pulley or sprocket combination

5/8" Thick

P/N CV2005

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