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Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket Adapter 84 - Up Wheels 3/8" Thick


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Maximize Compatibility with the Rear Wheel Sprocket Adapter for Harley Davidson

Unlock new customization possibilities for your Harley Davidson with "The Correct" Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket Adapter. This innovative adapter, designed for Harley Davidson wheels from 1984 and up, bridges the gap between early and late-style wheels, pulleys, or sprockets, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in your motorcycle's setup. At 3/8" thick and bearing part number CV2003, it's the essential component for riders looking to upgrade or personalize their bike's rear wheel assembly. Whether you're aiming for performance enhancement or aesthetic modification, this sprocket adapter ensures a seamless integration of your chosen components, making it easier than ever to tailor your Harley to your exact preferences.


Cycle Visions "The Correct" Rear Wheel Pulley/Sprocket/Adapter For 84 - Up Harley Davidson Wheels

Allows the use of any combination of early or late-style wheel, pulley or sprocket

3/8" Thick

P/N CV2003

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