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Lucifer Lights

LED Color: Red
Color: Chrome

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Illuminate Your Ride with Lucifer Lights: The Ultimate LED Upgrade

Check out these Lucifer Lights if you're looking to add some bright LED action to your Harley or motorcycle. These tiny powerhouses are just 1 watt, but don't let their size fool you — they pack a punch with two functions and are super bright. Seriously, they're smaller than a nickel, which means you can tuck them pretty much anywhere you want on your bike. Fancy creating a unique pattern or design? Grab a few sets and go wild customizing your ride.

Just a heads up, depending on your setup, you might need a load equalizer to keep things running smoothly. And, while these lights are brilliant in terms of brightness and design flexibility, they aren't DOT approved, so that's something to consider depending on how and where you plan to use them.

They come in pairs, so you can start adding some LED flair to your Harley Davidson or motorcycle right away. Whether you're into customizing your ride for style or looking for extra visibility, these motorcycle LED lights offer a cool, easy way to make your bike stand out.


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