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Everything You Need to Know about Motorcycle LED Lights

LED light

Motorcycle lighting has come a long way in recent years, especially since the proliferation of LED light technology. LED lights are small, intensely bright, have extended lifespans, and draw very little current. They are tailor-made for use on motorcycles because of these qualities, and, as a result, the market for motorcycle LED lights has expanded dramatically. Whether they are being used as replacements for stock incandescent bulbs, for adding flair that represents your personal style, or for providing additional visibility in the name of safety, adding LED lights to your motorcycle can enhance your biking experience in many ways.

However, when shopping for LED lights for motorcycles, you quickly discover that the number of options available to you is extensive. You also may discover there are differing regulations about the use of LEDs on motorcycles depending on where you live. The volume of information can be a little overwhelming, but you shouldn’t let it prevent you from making the jump to LED lighting on your cherished bike. Keep reading to learn a few things that you should know if you’re contemplating the addition of LED lighting to your motorcycle.

Lots of Options

If you search for LED motorcycle lights online, you’ll see an avalanche of products that fall within that category. There are colored LED underbody lights that cast a halo beneath your bike for great visual effect. There are LED replacement bulbs that you can install to replace your original conventional bulbs in headlights and taillights. There are add-on lighting accessories that can be installed on your saddlebags, license plate, and front cowling. There is an LED lighting product for every need, so hone down your search by focusing on the specific type of LED lighting you are seeking.

Not All LEDs Are Equal

Just because you see a product advertised as a motorcycle LED light doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same level of performance you experienced with another LED product. The term LED simply describes the type of lighting. It doesn’t, however, describe the quality. Some lower-quality LEDs fail to produce the characteristic bright, crisp light found on higher-end LED modules. Upgrading to LED lighting should provide you with better light, but if you select a low-quality LED, you’ll see little to no improvement. Make sure that you are getting a high-quality light, and avoid the cheapest light products since they’re generally not up to par.

Ensure It’s Waterproof

Like everything else on your motorcycle, your lighting needs to be waterproof to endure the changing weather conditions that bikers sometimes confront. While many LED lighting products are waterproof, make sure that you confirm that fact before adding lighting to your bike. The consequences of a failing lighting system in a downpour could be dangerous, so know exactly what you’re installing on your motorcycle.

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LED Lighting Is Scalable

Because LEDs are considered low-draw add-ons when it comes to your motorcycle’s electrical system, you have a lot of leeway when adding additional LED lights. You can make your bike glow without losing power or straining your electrical system since LEDs don’t pull much voltage. Don’t be afraid to install lighting to meet all your needs when using LEDs as you can’t overwhelm your system with too many lights.

Check Local Laws

Before you purchase and install LED lighting, make sure that you understand the legal requirements for motorcycles in your state and local municipality. In some areas, LED lighting may be restricted, or only certain types of LED lighting may be allowed. You should also make sure that the lighting you plan to use complies with the minimum lighting requirements in your area.

If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your motorcycle lighting with LED components, make sure that you understand the options and implications of doing so. To purchase motorcycle LED lighting, visit Cycle Visions.